We start in a community with a soup kitchen to earn the people’s trust and to get know the families and their specific needs. We provide the whole family with a cooked meal as well as a food parcel depending on sponsorships for that specific soup kitchen. We have permanent staff at our office that cooks for all the different communities/schools.

We open a clothing bank in a Wendy house where families can come and collect secondhand clothing on a monthly basis for their specific needs. We also hand out clothes at our soup kitchens depending on the donations we receive.

We start an early childhood development program in each community where parents can bring their little ones to play and to receive two meals a day for free. The kids learn basic skills at our playgroups and receive the love and care they need. We use people from the communities to assist the teacher and this forms part of our job creation program.

Women come together on a weekly basis to discuss any personal problems they may have with a professional counselor or psychologist. They also learn new skills such as needlework or crafts which they then continue to do during the week. Womanhood is a lot of fun and the ladies sometimes go on outings outside of their community.

Some of the ladies from the communities get together once a week to pray for that specific community and their families. This changes the mindset of the ladies and instead of fighting they grow spiritually and support each other to become better wives and mothers to their children.

In each community we start a library in a Wendy. Our librarian is usually an old lady in the community who has great people skills and desperately needs an income. The Library becomes a place where children can do homework and projects, the whole family can start reading books to empower themselves with knowledge, open up new worlds and realize new opportunities.

With Sisterhood we support our teenage girls. We teach them very important life skills. Our counselor listens to their problems and specific needs and give guidance where needed. They also receive toiletries and special gifts depending on sponsors. We help them to become ladies and aspire to break the cycle of poverty they were born in to by building on their dreams.

With our area managers we encourage people from our communities to become more active. Because we don’t have any equipment our people run/walk with our area managers in the streets of their specific community. Sometimes they prepare for races such as the SPAR women’s race or Sisters with Blisters. They love participating in these races and it motivates them for the next year.

We have different programs in our communities where we teach people new skills. This depends a lot on our volunteers available. Families learn new skills from paper art, karate, sport, pottery, acting, crochet, needle work, art etc. We try to teach them skills that can help them earn a little extra money because a lot of our people sell newspapers for a living.

We employ people from the community to help their own community. In every area we only have one area manager and social worker. The rest of the people working at all the services we provide are people from that community that can now earn money to make a better living for their families.

We believe in the potential of people living in poverty. We provide personal attention and direct benefits to children youth, aging and their families so they may live with dignity, achieve their desired potential and participate fully in society.