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Soup Kitchen

We initiate our involvement in a community by establishing a soup kitchen, aiming to build trust and understand the specific needs of families. Freshly prepared meals are distributed to each family within our communities. The objective is to have a soup kitchen operating at least once a week or, at a minimum, once a month in all the different areas we serve. With an estimated of 5000 people in all our areas, our goal is to provide 5000 meals, particularly for those who seldom receive fresh food and rely on the support from our charity.

Clothing Bank

We aim to establish accessible clothing banks in every locality, leveraging small structures such as wendy houses or containers, as well as utilizing any available space effectively. Donated clothing and household items are stored and distributed to those in need. We aim to provide clothes on a regular basis, often monthly or weekly. To ensure fair distribution, we’ve implemented a system that directs items to individuals genuinely in need. Additionally, a reward system is in place, ensuring our teams can equitably distribute special donations, like deodorant or body lotion.

Food Parcels

Over our years of charity and community work, we’ve identified that the most pressing and challenging need is food. Many individuals in our communities are unemployed or earn meager incomes, leaving little for essential needs.

Our primary objective is to distribute substantial food parcels to each household monthly. In December, we provide extended food parcels to sustain households through December and January, during our charity staff’s break.


In certain communities, we’ve established libraries in small structures like wendy houses or containers. Typically, our librarian is a knowledgeable older lady from the community seeking income. The library has evolved beyond a space for children to do homework; it now motivates entire families to engage in reading. This initiative aims to empower individuals with knowledge, open up new worlds, and help them realize new opportunities.

Little House & Aftercare

Through our extensive involvement and support in the communities, we’ve recognized a significant need for early childhood development (ECD). We understand the importance of providing children with the necessary tools, love, and support to reach their full potential, offering parents an opportunity to seek employment while their children are in school.

In South Africa, ECD is not compulsory, making parents ineligible for school fee subsidies. To address this gap, we’ve proudly established accredited early childhood development schools in most areas. These schools, accredited by SA Childcare Services, provide free education, love, and up to three meals (breakfast, snack, and lunch) for children under 6 years old.

These services are offered at no cost to parents in our communities, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts with parents for maximum impact. All our staff are qualified and or trained as part of another initiative by the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation (please see more information on the Empowerment Section below).

By launching these Educare centers in impoverished areas, our aim is to address the physical needs of attendees while providing education simultaneously. Our learning and development areas cover well-being, identity and belonging, communication, exploring mathematics, creativity, and knowledge and understanding of the world.

After Care

Additionally, we’ve established after-school homework centers, providing support for primary and high school students. We encourage students to utilize our libraries for research and reading to enhance their educational experiences.

Womanhood & Brotherhood

The Womanhood Project, aimed at empowering women in our communities, offers free skill development sessions, fostering a sense of sisterhood. Addressing challenges like gender-based violence and mental health, the project provides women with opportunities to break free from limitations and generate income. We invite skilled professionals to teach specific skills, motivating women to recognize their talents and encouraging creativity, even with limited resources. The ultimate goal is to enhance economic independence and overall well-being.

Brotherhood, launched in 2023, focuses on engaging and empowering men in our communities. This initiative imparts principles of unity, emphasizing the strength that arises from standing together. The aim is to instill a sense of communal responsibility, inspiring men to actively contribute to the well-being and upliftment of the entire community.


We provide support and training for new mothers through a well-established program led by professionals in the field of baby development and parenting. In addition to guidance, furthermore, mothers will receive vital baby essentials, such as diapers and other necessary products, alongside guidance and support. This initiative encourages a supportive community where mothers can share experiences, learn about the responsibilities of active motherhood, and reap the benefits of collective support.

Skills Development & Empowerment

Across all our projects, it is evident that our overarching goal is to provide hope to those who have lost it, extending a helping hand with essentials like food and clothes, while also restoring dignity through opportunities for personal growth (e.g., Womanhood, Motherhood).

Our various community programs aim to impart new skills, with the specific skills depending on the expertise of available volunteers. Families learn a diverse range of skills, such as paper art, karate, sports, pottery, acting, crochet, etc., with a focus on skills that can be applied to generate income.

Embracing the philosophy of “Give a man a fish, and he will have food for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will have food for the rest of his life,” we are committed to empowering individuals in our communities. To achieve this, we prefer to employ people from within the community, including many of our teachers. These teachers undergo various training courses facilitated by organizations like SA Childcare Services and other reputable tertiary institutions. This investment in training ensures that our educators are well-equipped with knowledge, contributing to the skill development and empowerment of our community members.

Job Creation

As previously mentioned, our commitment to community empowerment is reflected in our employment practices. Each area has a dedicated Area Manager, while the remaining positions across all services are filled by individuals from the respective communities. This approach not only supports the local workforce but also enables community members to earn an income, improving their living standards. Various employment roles in our areas include:

  1. Teachers (at least 2)
  2. Kitchen Staff
  3. Librarian
  4. Clothing Bank Assistant
  5. Soup Kitchen Chef
  6. Gardener
  7. Rent (utilizing people’s yards or property and paying monthly rent)
  8. Shop Assistants
  9. Sorters and Packers

By providing employment opportunities within the community, we aim to foster a sense of ownership and contribute to the economic well-being of the individuals and families we serve.

Exercise & Health

In challenging times, stress and depression can become prevalent, and regular exercise has proven benefits in alleviating these conditions by releasing feel-good endorphins that enhance overall well-being. Recognizing these health benefits, we actively encourage people to join exercise groups within our areas.

To facilitate this, group leaders are appointed to organize basic training sessions such as walking and jump rope exercises. Additionally, participants are motivated to engage in a yearly event called the Spar Women’s Race. This event serves as a significant motivator, providing women with the opportunity to leave their communities for a day, partake in a 5km walk/run, and enjoy a day filled with fun and laughter. We firmly believe in the importance of setting goals and practicing discipline, and our exercise program serves as an effective platform to teach these values.

Bible Study & Prayer Groups

As a charity, we place full reliance on God’s provision and seek His guidance in every decision we make. Without this divine support, our work would not be possible. To strengthen the spiritual aspect, we facilitate fellowship and Bible study sessions in collaboration with local churches. These sessions are typically led by local pastors or church leaders and are open for community members to join. We often utilize these gatherings for communal prayers, seeking God’s guidance for our communities and each other.

In addition to spiritual support, we extend emotional and psychological assistance to individuals in need. By integrating these dimensions of care, we strive to address the holistic well-being of the people we serve.

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